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Actor & Model 

Da'Von Angelo

Charming Introduction photo

Ever wondered...

What’s smoother than satin and slicker than silk? None other than Da’Von Angelo himself. Da'Von (he/him), is a performing artist from Cleveland, Ohio. He is currently attending Baldwin Wallace University in his senior year, pursuing a BA in Acting & Directing. 

"The truth is that life is delicious, horrible, charming, frightful, sweet, bitter, and that is everything." 

Anatole France


He likes to find that charm in the art that he does. It's those deep and complex stories that have a charming captivating feel, and that is what he loves.  

Upcoming Projects

Baldwin Wallace BFA Logo

BFA: Acting Showcase'24

Baldwin Wallace University

The seniors of Baldwin Wallace are able to put all of their training in display in one final showcase with all the graduating actors of May 2024. 

For more Information click down below

Live Viewing April 27th 8pm I Video Drop April 29th 10 am

Recent Projects

Sweat Production Poster

as Bruci

Baldwin Wallace University

Directed by: Nathan Henry

Sweat portrays themes of identity, politics, and race by telling the story of working class people in Reading, Pennsylvania who are laid off from their jobs during the de-industrialization of the town, causing a huge swath of working class folks to be out of a job.

Ran March 20-24th

Drive Inside
as Shaka 

Da'Von has just filmed a short drama directed by NYU student Arman Taheri. 

Updates on poster and such will be posted as soon as possible!

Drive Inside.jpg

(Not Offcial Poster)

Headshots & Resume


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