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Von's Story 

Baby Da'Von Angelo
Da'Von Angelo Homecoming Royalty Victory

Von, born Da’Von Angelo McDonald, is a soon-to-be Baldwin Wallace graduate with a Degree in Acting. Von has been cast in shows such as The Laramie Project, Sweat as Brucie, Angels In America as Belize/Mr.Lies, The Crucible as Ezekiel Cheever, The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Rocky, and his personal favorite Detroit 67 as Sly. Von has been known as the charmer, which is something that can be found in even the most tragic of characters and stories because charm is captivating.

Von’s journey to performing was an interesting one as growing up he would after playing outside all day, find himself glued to the TV. He was also found busting a move on the Michael Jackson Wii game in front of friends and family. The signs of a performer were always there. However, Von’s first acting credit was not until his junior year of high school as he finally decided to take a lunge at performing. This led to a performance of Check Please & other stories, where he entered a state of complete flow. This experience led to Von wanting more. After which he decided to get his acting degree at Baldwin Wallace. 

At college, Von found his groove; he learned many skills and techniques such as, but not limited to: Uta Hagan, Stanislavsky, Linklater as well Laban. Von has also cultivated a sense of movement in not just acting but also dancing. Von has received training in: Jazz, Modern, Tap, and Ballet. 

Aside from the arts, Von has cultivated his love for leading and helping others by being an orientation leader. In his third year of the program, he was the student director. He took on new responsibilities within the program and learned to lead in a way he had never done before. He continues to aspire and help people on their journeys and promote change within communities inside and outside the arts. When he is not acting, catch Von in the nearest swimming pool, watching his favorite movies, Scarface or the Scream franchise as a horror fan. He also loves ice cream, video games, and spending quality time with friends & family.

Check Please (Da'Von's First show)
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